Awarding Benefits of Hiring a DUI Lawyer

Awarding Benefits of Hiring a DUI Lawyer

Many people believe that being charged with drunk driving is exactly the same as being convicted of the mentioned crime. The reason for this is probably because, in most cases, the individual charged for drunk driving will most likely get convicted. Criminal laws in NJ are very strict, and the government will actively pursue all types of crimes, including DUI. The victims of the crime, apart from getting justice can also participate in a crime victim compensation program that reimburses victims of violent crimes. The victims of crime compensation NJ are typically reimbursed for assault, homicide, rape, and in some states, burglary. This program will usually compensate the victim for medical and dental expenses, funeral or burial expenses and counseling costs. It can also cover lost wages or support. We are mentioning this because it is very important to see drunk driving as a serious crime, just like any other criminal behavior. The law enforcement takes it pretty seriously, so if you already don’t it is time to take it seriously too.

Charged for DUI

If you show signs of suspicious or drunk behavior such as trying to make very narrow or very wide turns, driving too fast or too slow driving, dangerously driving or sometimes nearly crashing into objects, drifting on the road recklessly and so on, a police officer who sees you has the right to pull you over and slap you with a DUI. Also, if you neglect marked lanes and drive on center lines or just break too frequently, the police officer who notices that behavior can suspect you are being intoxicated and charge you with drunk driving.


In case you are pulled over, arrested and charged with a DUI, it is crucial to find a NJ DWI lawyer to defend you. Being charged for the crime doesn’t mean you are automatically convicted in a court of law and a local attorney can help you avoid the consequences of a conviction that can negatively impact your life. If you hire aggressive and experienced drunk driving attorneys to assist you, you may win the case and avoid the long-term consequences of a DUI conviction. If you think there aren’t any chances to win, know that the best DUI defender can at least have your charges reduced.

DUI Defense Tactics

The attorney you hire will question all the procedures you went through and try to find a loophole that will disprove the evidence or turn it into your favor. Your lawyer can question the field sobriety tests, breathalyzer’s result and even blood and chemical tests. Field sobriety tests can often be misinterpreted and the results are accurate enough to prove you are intoxicated. In many cases, the arresting police officer makes the tests impossible to past.

When it comes to breathalyzers, they are pretty accurate, but not so reliable and effective as one may think. It is not a rare occurrence that breathalyzers showed wrong results. Since they can’t distinguish between ethyl and methyl group alcohols, your BAC level can seem increased if you ate something particular or suffer from diabetes and GERD. Blood and chemical tests are very accurate, but just as any other procedure, have their shortcomings. If the sample is in any way mishandled, your attorney will use that to disprove the evidence.