Minimum Qualification to Become Police Officer

To become a law enforcement officer, you will also have to meet physical fitness, medical, vision, and hearing requirements. Testing for these are part of the hiring process, as well as interviews, a background check, written exam, drug test, written exam, and psychological evaluation. You will also have to meet the educational and training requirements.

“Police officers protect the community by enforcing laws and maintaining peace. The job requires excellent judgement, extraordinary courage and the ability to think quickly under pressure. Read along after the jump to find out how to prepare for a career as a police officer, meet the educational and training requirements and land your first job.” Read more here….

Educational Requirements for Police Officers

Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a police officer. Get a quick view of the requirements – such as job duties, and education and training programs – to see if this is the career for you. Police officers enforce the laws of a community and ensure the safety of citizens and property. Students who want to become police officers must meet certain educational requirements, in addition to completing a training Program.

“Police officer education requirements range from a high school diploma to a college degree. The minimum requirement is usually a high school diploma, although an increasing number of police departments require applicants to complete at least one or two years of college coursework or have an associate’s degree. A bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for federal police jobs.” Read more here…. 

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