Presidential Limo Ride Is Worth An Award

There is a lot of that are unknown about the presidential limo ride. Presidential limousine ride has a nick name “The beast”. There are multiple amazing features in presidential limousine and it is designed in such a way to protect the president.

Its not only president’s limos that deserve an award; check out this post by Justin T. Westbrook at about president’s air planes:

Check Out These Ridiculous Presidential Plane And Limo Designs Fit For President-Elect Trump

Justin T. Westbrook

It’s time presidential transportation got as flashy and ridiculous as presidential politics. Luckily there’s a science fiction director up to the task.

Donald Trump will definitely be getting a brand-new presidential limousine when he takes office next year, but science fiction director Neill Blomkamp has something a little more reflective of our President-elect’s tastes:

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Considerable information has been leaked out about some of the major equipments which are equipped by the presidential limo. Numerous interesting facts are there about the presidential limousine.

The fuel tank of the presidential limo is coated with armor plating. It also contains special foam which expands on collision and prevents it from exploding. Furthermore this luxurious vehicle is also fitted with night vision camera which is totally out class. GPS tracking and a satellite communication system are also fitted in a vehicle. This helps to make sure that the president is always in contact.

Brandon Turkus has some valuable insight into presidential limo of President Putin:

Russian President Putin’s new limo makes debut ahead of 2017 production

The Kortezh limo will be available to Russian citizens, complete with a Porsche-developed engine.
Brandon Turkus
Apr 5th 2016

What’s the best way to ignore an international money-laundering scandal that’s allegedly revealed your link to $2 billion in off-shore accounts? Why yes, you get a new car. While information from the so-called Panama Papers is still being uncovered, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s new Russian-made ride has been unveiled.

Unlike US President Barack Obama’s Cadillac-badged Beast, Putin’s Kortezh will be available to any Russian that has the means. A total of 5,000 will be built in four different styles – limo, sedan, SUV, and minivan – although only 200 will roll off production lines next year, Sputnik News reports. Deliveries are expected to start in late 2017, while assembly will carry on through 2020, the Moscow Times reports.

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The vehicle is covered with the frame work of high quality firefighting equipments, shotguns and night vision goggles. Tear gas launcher is also fitted in a car is order to help the vehicle get out of trouble. The doors of the presidential limo are around eight inches thick.

Awesome has posted this video with 10 things you need to know about president’s limo:

Additionally all the windows are completely sealed except for the driver’s side. Now numerous amazing devices are fitted in Journey Limo car and the technology is upgraded to make it even safer.