Service Your Business Like Your Car

Service Your Business Like Your Car

When it comes to business in today’s competitive climate, it is more important than ever to focus on the Internet side of things. After all, an increasing number of consumers are utilizing the Internet more than ever before to research products and services, make purchasing decisions, and even to make their purchases. In fact, over 80% of consumers utilize the search engines to help make purchasing decisions. Because of this, you need to think of everything involving the Internet and how it can impact your business. Not only is it important to focus on creating a quality website that converts well, but more importantly, it is important to get prospective customers to it in the first place. No matter how good your website looks, it is not going to be able to convert traffic into leads and/or sales if there is no traffic to convert.

When it comes to making these decisions, you will likely want to hire a professional consultant and/or business to do so. After all, you will want the experience that they have to offer to really be able to make the right decisions that can propel your business forwards within the marketplace. With that being said, an easy way to think about SEO and it’s importance is by relating it to a car.

Choosing The Website Platform:

When it comes to choosing the website platform to base your website on, you can think of it like choosing your make and model of your car. This is a very important decision to make because the platform your website runs on is going to determine how reliable it is just like choosing a brand would do for your vehicle. Whereas, choosing a platform/host will also determine what kind of service you are able to get along with your website just as a service warranty would with a vehicle. Also, your website is bound to be either feature rich like a fully loaded vehicle or feature limited as if you were getting the base model of a specific car. Obviously, the more features and the more bells and whistles your car comes equipped with, the faster and better your experience will be. The same holds true with your website platform. If you go the ‘cheap’ route, you are likely going to end up with less performance and unsatisfactory results all around. A good platform will provide you with the capabilities to maximize your website’s potential and really go ‘full speed’ ahead. This is especially important for your SEO purposes because a platform that is feature rich and well optimized will provide your website with a natural boost within the search engines.

Regular Servicing:

When it comes to owning a car, you want to be sure to keep it running as well as possible. The only way that you can be sure to do so is by getting it regularly serviced. The same holds true with your website and it’s SEO. Search engine optimization is something that needs to consistently be tweaked and monitored. After all, the search engine algorithms are constantly changing. Thus, it is important to make sure that everything is running smoothly and that you are regularly ‘oiling’ your vehicle and implementing quality strategies which can really maximize your website’s overall performance.

Add On’s Can Boost Performance:

As with cars, everything that you add onto it whether it be turbo kits, boosters, or anything else – it can come with added performance. The same holds true with SEO and your overall SEO strategy. By effectively providing your website with brand new and relevant content which can be compared to gas and oil for your car, you will continuously improve your website and it’s natural ability to rank well within the search engines. Not to mention, if you add on plug ins and other kinds of features to your website which will help you optimize it, make the experience better, and/or provide a better structure for your website, it will end up helping to boost your all around performance in the search engines.

Importance Of Your Website’s Looks vs. Functionality:

When it comes to buying the right vehicle for your needs, you want to be sure that you are placing functionality, viability, and practicality way ahead of the appearance of the car in terms of helping make your buying decision. After all, a car is an investment that is made primarily to help you get from point A to point B successfully and allow you to do things throughout your daily life that you might need to do. Thus, an emphasis can’t be placed on the appearance and looks of a car. Instead, the emphasis should be placed on finding the most practical car that can improve your quality of life and your ability to do things that need to be done in your life. After all, a Lamborghini will not be able to carry your groceries or fit your children when you need to take them to school.

The same holds true when you are creating the most effective website. Believe it or not, a high converting website is not necessarily going to be the one that looks the best. In fact, a majority of lesser quality websites in terms of appearance will convert at a much higher rate than the high end and beautiful looking websites because generally the focus is placed on the wrong areas. It is important to not get side tracked when it comes to the overall functionality of the website. A website is built to convert visitors and prospective customers into leads and/or sales. Thus, this should be the main focus first and foremost. This means a primary focus should be placed on the crafting of high quality and relevant content to attract and retain visitors through the search engines, a focus on generating leads, and a focus on generating sales.

What Does An SEO Expert and/or Consultant Do?

When it comes to hiring an SEO expert or consultant, you want to be sure that you carefully vet your options. After all, your choice will have a direct impact on the overall success of your business on the search engines. As noted above, it is important to hire an SEO consultant because they are properly trained and experienced in the dynamic industry of SEO. Because search engine algorithms are constantly changing and because the industry is constantly becoming increasingly competitive, you want to be sure that you are positioning your company the best way possible to succeed in the marketplace.

A SEO Melbourne consultant will conduct a thorough SEO audit of your website to see what the website is going right, what can be improved upon, and the best way to tackle improving it. They will also present a complete strategy that they will be able to execute on that should provide your website with a significant boost in search engine rankings. A good way to think of hiring an SEO consultant is by comparing it to hiring an expert mechanic. Typically, you do not want to go at your vehicle repairs on your own as you are likely not trained in the field. Thus, by hiring an expert mechanic, you should be able to maximize your vehicles performance and keep it running as smooth as it should.


In the end, search engine optimization is something that you must plan for and execute on. Not only can it determine the overall level of visibility of your website, but it is something that can determine the success of your business as a whole. As noted above, the easiest way to think of SEO for your website is as if it is like servicing your car to keep it running as best as it can and to consistently invest in new parts, features, and everything else to improve your performance. Hiring an SEO consultant can be seen as hiring an expert mechanic to ensure that everything looks good and that your vehicle is able to perform as well as expected.

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